We are finally here! After going to studios for damn near my entire life, trying to do this thang like no one has ever done it before, nothing beats having your own and doing for self. I have been working on my album “Neteru Muses” for a year and a half and I’ve been going through hell in the process. Well I’m putting the finishing touches on it now and I’m almost ready to roll this thang out. I’m doing my life passion right now so it’s history whether I achieve or fail. I’m having fun and I’m doing a great service to all generations by talking about what no one else will. I love all of you who have supported me through this learning experience and best believe it will be greater in a minute. Stay down like four flats for ya boy I’m nada without you. I want this single to go platinum so I need everyone to go spend that young $1 on this download and just support the real. I’m campaigning right now and I need your support. If you can’t spend just share it to your network, Love is Love. Special thanks to my young love Emerald Joy for putting them damn vocals on this banger. Thank you to Zarian Hadley for playing the keys and drums on the track and THANK YOU to Best Kept Secret, the super producers from DC! Photo by Jaa Berry for Heavy in the streets. One Love!!!!!!!


Laugh Now cry later chronicles the adventures of Ra’Shaun Cleuren, a former player who has been sentenced to ho hell by the player GOD Yyabulchitn.

Laugh Now Cry Later ©2014

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Written, Produced and Directed by Hassan Haze
Starring: Esamira Serna and Hassan Haze
Associate Producer / Director of Photographer: Jaa Berry
Photographer: Claudie Jones
Script Supervisor: Thomas Collins
Editing, Color, Music, Graphics, Audio by

Hassan Haze ft. Iman Omari- Fight The Feelings (music vid)
Twitter @Hassan_Haze
Instagram @HassanHaze

Official music video

Music and background vocals produced by Iman Omari

Written by Iman Omari, Hassan Haze

Music Video Produced by
Jesluv Music and Heavy in the Street Magazine

S/O to the Production Team

Directed by Hassan Haze and Jaa Berry

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Man chooses concrete over grass.